A glance at the blurred work-life balance of NIOZ colleagues during the pandemic.

Cosy COS colleagues Kiki Dethmers & Selin Ersoy

Nice NIOZ co-worker Sanne Vreugdenhil

Away from all the hassle, alone on the Wad Henriette de Waal

North Sea in Transition 2 meeting, one of the few live events Nelleke Krijgsman

Testing the new WATLAS bird tracking tags with salt water for waterproofness Bas Denissen

A new hobby, or did COVID-19 put the world upside down? Alejandro Abdala

From garden shed to work space Kim Sauter

Stranded for the first time, in 2020 Karel Bakker (Photo: Chris Dobber/KNRM)

Missing my bicycle tour to work Ingrid de Raad

Home schooling on Texel Jonas Den Brok

Corona proof field work team Tamar Lok

A small rainbow: better times will follow Julia Engelmann

Happiness from my garden Meta van der Wal

Enjoying a sunny coffee break on RV Pelagia Boom/Caterina Coral

Friday drinks with colleagues Yvo Witte

New year, new job, new home Daan van Loon

Outsourcing the production of biophys sensors has started Bas Denissen

Matchmaking event of The Blue Route Marck Smit


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